Welcome to a New Era of Payment Processing

At CCCP, Inc., we believe in transparency, simplicity, and empowerment when it comes to payment processing. We understand that the world of credit card transactions can be complex, which is why we are committed to educating our valued customers about the conventional model of processing and the exciting new alternative that puts you, the business owner, in control.

Conventional Model: The Business Owner's Burden

In the conventional model of payment processing, the responsibility for transaction fees falls squarely on the business owner's shoulders. This means that every time a customer pays with a credit card, you, the business owner, have to bear the cost. This fee is typically a fixed percentage of the transaction value and can significantly impact your bottom line, especially for high volume businesses.

Custom Credit Card Processing Inc

The New Model: Empowering Business Owners and Delighting Customers

At Custom Credit Card Processing, we're proud to introduce you to the new model of payment processing, where the customer shares in the cost of their preferred payment method. Here's how it works:

  • Surcharging: Instead of absorbing the transaction fees yourself, you can choose to pass them on to the customer. This is called surcharging, and it allows you to maintain your pricing while recouping the cost of credit card processing.
  • Non-Cash Adjustments: In the new model, you can adjust your pricing based on the payment method chosen by the customer. This means that cash payments or other non-card methods can be offered at a lower price, incentivizing customers to choose these options and reducing your processing costs.
  • Dual Pricing: Dual pricing is a simple and transparent way to show customers the true cost of processing credit card transactions. By displaying both cash and card prices, you give your customers the choice and encourage cost-effective payment methods.
  • Gift Card Programs: Our innovative gift card programs are designed to boost customer loyalty and increase revenue. By offering custom-branded gift cards, you can attract more customers and drive repeat business.
  • Bullet-Proof Tech Support: We understand that technical issues can be a real headache for business owners. That's why we provide bullet-proof tech support. Our team is always available to assist you with any payment processing or technology related issues, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

The Benefits of the New Model

  • Cost Savings: With the new model, you can reduce or eliminate the burden of transaction fees, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned revenue.
  • Customer Choice: Customers appreciate transparency and choices. By offering them options for payment, you enhance their shopping experience.
  • Increased Profitability: Dual pricing and surcharging can significantly improve your profitability by shifting transaction costs to the customer while keeping your base prices competitive.
  • Loyalty and Growth: Our gift card programs are proven to increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business, helping you grow your brand.

In summary, at CCCP, we are dedicated to empowering business owners by introducing a new model of payment processing that puts control back in your hands. Say goodbye to the burden of transaction fees and hello to increased profitability, delighted customers, and bullet-proof tech support. Join us in this exciting journey towards a more transparent and rewarding payment processing experience. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can benefit your business.