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EMV: Is Your Business On Board?

On Oct 1, 2015 there was a fraud liability shift to the merchant community. As a merchant, it is vitally important that you have the most current information about how this change may have already impacted your business.

For almost 30 years, Custom Credit Card Processing has prided itself in ensuring that merchants are armed with the most up to date information available. Our mission is to always help you see to it that your business is protected & to help you maximize your bottom line. Many of you are already accepting chip cards, having purchased or upgraded to an EMV-ready terminal. The remainder of you will want to consider updating your terminals to be in a more secure environment to accept your patients', customers', & clients' newly issued chip cards. An additional benefit is that it will avoid you getting hit with ‘fraud’ chargebacks, from the card issuing banks. As a growing number of card issuers grow impatient with retailers lagging behind adoption of the new technology, a growing number of merchants are finding themselves getting hit with chargebacks, simply for not accepting chip cards via EMV technology.

There have been many changes, misinformation, and updates along the way with all of the processors since adoption began on EMV. Let us help provide you with the most accurate & up to date information.

Please email or call us for any updates and information.  We are in constant contact with the processing banks, and have access to the most up to date facts available to help bring the merchant community into a more secure phase of credit card processing.
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