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Electronic Check Acceptance

Custom Credit Card Processing, Inc. has put together a variety of outstanding check service products that will enhance your business, including traditional Check Guarantee, Check Verification, Electronic Check Recovery and the latest in check acceptance technology called Check Conversion. We also provide low-cost and easy to use PC software to enable your company to accept checks via phone, fax, or over the internet.

Electronic Check reader
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The Process
Electronic Check Conversion changes a paper-based check to an electronic transaction at the point-of-sale. The check information is then transmitted via electronic equipment to a national verification database where it is evaluated against negative information. Within seconds a response is sent back to the merchant. A receipt very similar to a credit card transaction is generated and the customer signs it, thereby authorizing the electronic collection of funds to the merchant. The check information is then stored and the transaction deposits are routed to the merchant’s account within 48 to 72 hours.

Merchant Benefits
Convenience is important to everyone, not to mention our merchants. Electronic Check Conversion gives the merchant just that - only it’s convenience with a guarantee. This check conversion process not only processes the check electronically allowing the merchant to forego trips to the bank, but it also guarantees the approved transactions. With this program the merchant simply accepts the checks and the check conversion program does the rest! The merchant can now accept and process checks just like they accept and process credit cards.

Additional Options
This program includes on-line transaction viewing and customized detailed reporting. With the reporting feature the merchant is able to track all of their transactions through a secured on-line system that is available 24/7. The reporting capabilities of this system also allow the merchant customizable reporting features, thus enabling detailed information in the format the merchant prefers. This program takes all of the guesswork out of accepting checks and manages the process for the merchant.

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